What is The HOPE Fund

We are excited and deeply grateful to share with you an opportunity to help animals in our community. The Whole Pet HOPE Fund is a way to extend care (and hope) to pets in need when their families have financial difficulties or cannot afford life-saving treatments. The HOPE Fund stands for Helping Other Pets Emergency Fund. Giving back and helping each other has always been an important part of our mission, and we are fortunate that we have the ability to care for your beloved family pets and the homeless dogs and cats in our neighborhoods.

There are many reasons we want to help and spread hope. We give back to each other, knowing just how much a pet can mean to a person or a family. We give back to aid other cats and dogs because we have all needed a helping hand at some point in our lives. We give back to allow stray animals to be given medical care so that financial burden is not put on an individual. What’s your reason?


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